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Furniture Ranges

 Dakota dark mango range  (51)
 Cube sheesham range  (33)
 Zen natural sheesham range  (10)
 Cuba sheesham range  (45)
Dark jali thakat range  (60)
Rustic farm rough sawn range   (22)
 Bentley pine budget bedroom  (42)
 Broadway bedroom pine range  (36)
 Barley twist pine bedroom  (50)
 Cottage rustic pine bedroom (38)
 Pine dressers / sideboards  (26)

Opening Times

Mon - Fri: 09:00 - 21:00
Sat: 09:00 - 21:00
Sun: 09:00 - 16 :00 

Unit 1,
West Bank Terminal,
Wherstead Rd,

Pls note we dont have a shop,above address is our warehouse only. 

e.mail atpine1@yahoo.co.uk

07505 487029



Indian Sheesham  Furniture ranges

jali dining sets 

Indian sheesham jali coffeetables

Indian sheesham jali t.v./hifi furniture

Indian sheesham jali sideboards

Indian sheesham console hall tables

Indian sheesham jali c.d.cabinets 

Indian sheesham blanket boxes 

Indian sheesham jali corner units

Indian sheesham mirrors 

Indian sheesham hi fi dvd units

Indian sheesham wine racks 

Indian sheesham nests of tables

Indian sheesham lamp tables

Indian sheesham chests of drawers

India sheesham jali bookcases

Indian  sheesham jali dining sets 2 

Indian bedroom furniture

Indian bedroom furniture 2

Indian sheesham telephone /screens


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General Terms and Conditions

Delivery time is usually within 2-3 weeks of order date,subject to stock availability.

Meaning, providing that our suppliers' have it in stock,we would try our best to deliver within 2-3 weeks

from telephone call and/or e.mail order.

If our supplier does not have it in stock,they tell us when it is due to be in stock.

What usually happens is,particularly with Indian sheesham jali furniture is the parties in

India manufacturers ship it within 5 weeks  to the U.K.

When we take on your order,if we cant deliver within 2-3 weeks

 we would either phone or e.mail you in order to explain why we cant deliver it within that timescale..

We would endeavour to find out the arrival date of the container into the U.K.

then rvert back with expected delivery date of your order.

We endeavour to keep you informed by an e.mail or call to update you of the situation.       

Payment for cash on delivery (c.o.d) can be made at time of delivery/upon acceptance of the furniture by you.

All prices are in sterling and include UK VAT at the appropriate rate of 20%.

Delivery charges are not included in the prices quoted,rates can be found via our Britainmap delivery page. .



                We accept payment by transfers, cash deposits, postal order and personal cheque payments.
If you would like to pay "COD/Cash on Delivery" 
please contact us first for confirmation as this method of payment is not always possible and depends on your location.
1/ Cash upon delivery    
      (c.o.d) can be made at time of delivery/upon  acceptance of the furniture by you.        

 2/ Funds transfer into our account before delivery

of furniture.

Upon request we supply our bank details to you.

Once funds have been received into our account we arrange delivery of furniture.

We deliver in person or via our pallet haulier.


 3/ PayPal using credit/debit cards before delivery

of furniture.

Upon request we send you total amount payable via PayPal money request e.mail.

Once funds have been received into our PayPal account we arrange delivery of furniture.

We deliver in person or via our pallet haulier.


4/ Cheques

made payable to 'A.T.Enterprises' and sent to us in the post.

After cheques have been received ,we then arrange delivery either in person or  via our pallet haulier.


5/ Bankers draft

  upon or or before delivery.


We can only guarantee delivery within the specified time scale of 5-15 working days

from payment within "Mainland UK Only" on the basis that stocks are available.

We cannot guarantee delivery times but we aim to deliver within the time specified.

We can deliver on working days during the day and after 6.00 pm.

Weekend deliveries are also available upon request..

We deliver to many areas in person.

This way you see the furniture before you buy.

For local areas we deliver in person using our own van for a personal delivery.

For areas further away from Ipswich we use a pallet haulier,

 but we may,depending on your order or circumstances , still deliver to you in person using our van.

We offer bulk order delivery discounts cheaper rates for more than 1 item orders.

Sometimes we may offer free delivery if your order is large.

So e.mail or call us for a special rate it may be cheaper than listed, if we are going your way anyway.    

Indian sheesham /jali tables.

The tables get delivered into your dining room,then are placed face down and then have their legs either bolted  or screwed in place.

Then the table is turned over.

We also wax the furniture with clear or brown beeswax,

and where appropriate wax the table tops before delivery.

We also provide  clear and coloured waxes,dark oak or Indian rosewood stains.

We also provide tips and with any maintainance or advise you may require.

Beds can be delivered and assembled in your bedroom by us at no extra cost.

No cumbersome assembly for you to do,its all taken care of.

You have the option of a flat pack bed delivered if you wish to do it yourself.

1 / Delivery by ourselves in our own van

We are a small business we can deliver the furniture ourselves and install it in your home using our own van for transportation.

We deliver ourselves in our our own van where ever possible.

Distance is a key factor of course.

We, as we are a  small business like to deliver in person so we can deal with any problems or queries which may arise.

We like the personal touch.

We also provide tips and after care advise

When we deliver we can show you the techniques we use to deal with o'rings marks from mugs/cups etc..

Time and money saving techniques can be shown upon request.

To keep customer costs to a minimum we  operate a one man delivery service,

please make sure you can offer assistance to our delivery driver if required.

2 / Pallet haulier deliveries

We use a pallet haulage system.

Keeping prices to a minimum we use a national haulier.

They trunk up the furniture to one of their nationwide depots.

Once in their depot they use a local haulier who would contact you to arrange the final delivery.

What they do,is they call you to make sure you are in.

They wont deliver if they cant contact you.

Once they arrange an appropriate date and time with you, they deliver usually on a pallet.

The furniture is carefully packed in bubble wrap and is shrink wrapped to the pallet.

The local haulier would normally drop the pallet outside your door or end of your drive.

You should be prepared to take the furniture off the pallet and haul it into your house yourself.

You often need 2 persons to carry the furniture.

Especially as the Indian sheesham jali furniture is heavy and cumbersome.

Sometimes the haulier may help you move the furniture into your house.

But they are not obliged to, due to their insurance

Returns policy

We basically use common sense.

It is the customer's respnsibility to check whether or not the furniture will fit into any spaces (alcoves)/under stairs for instance.

As long as the description,colour tone,dimensions,and the product is fit for purpose, and the item is correctly advertised by us via our website

we would expect the customer to accept the furniture upon delivery. 

On receipt of delivery it is the customer's responsibility to check the items before signing for as a signature is required

to say that items have been received in satisfactory condition.

Signatures signed unchecked will not be valid when processing a claim.

If the items are not in satisfactory condition and have been damaged please sign for as damaged

 and return with the courier if possible. 

It is also your responsibility to notify us immediately by email or telephone upon delivery,

which must be the same day otherwise we will not be able to process your claim.

 If the above terms are not met we will not be held liable for any damages.

(please note the buyer is responsible for any carriage costs involved).

All of our products carry 1 years manufacturers guarantee against materials and workmanship

If there is a problem due to something present (e.g.a fault,something affecting durability or a misdescription at the time of sale)

 the customer needs to inform us at the time of delivery.

If the furniture is wrong in size dimensions,colour/tone,or of an inferior quality then the customer has the right to refuse the furniture,

upon time of delivery thats not a problem.

Please note it is your responsibility to ensure that all the goods you have ordered will fit into your home and there are no restricted access issues. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund any orders which cannot be delivered in these circumstances. For example, if items do not fit the room or do not match any furniture you are trying to match them up with, which you have previously bought from another trader, or if you simply change your mind and decide you don't want the item/s any longer. 

 Under these circumstances items will be exempt from our seven day return policy.

This also applies to your equiptment not fitting into appropriate spaces.

For example your hi fi,vcr,digital receivers,games consoles into shelves or spaces inside a cabinet. 

You have the right to cancel your order within seven days of delivery starting from the day you receive the goods

 and return them for a refund (this excludes goods made to your own specification).

 It is your responsibility to give notice of your wish to cancel within the seven day cancellation period in writing by e.mail or letter.

 A 20% handling fee will be charged on all cancelled orders,

 delivery fees are non-refundable and a return delivery fee will also apply.

The buyer is responsible for any carriage costs involved,

If possible send your order straight back with the driver to keep delivery costs to a minimum,

 in some cases this is not always possible due to the drivers schedule.

You are under a duty to take reasonable care of the goods whilst in your posession

if any items are returned "damaged" the cost of damages if repairable will be deducted from the final refund amount.

Items returned "damaged" beyond repair will not qualify for a refund.

As soon as your order has been returned "in the same un-alterd state as it was sent out including all packaging,

 "we will issue a refund of the ammount paid for the goods minus the 20% handling fee plus any delivery fees as stated above.

We try to avoid orders like, a try before you buy, we wont take on the order if we think the client simply wants to try it out on a whim.

We want orders from clients,who are sure that they want it,know what the furniture is, and are confident in what they want.

We buy to order....we purchase from our supplier...then on-deliver to you..

Condition of rustic/ethnic furniture

By the nature of imported ethnic/rustic furniture it can vary in colour/tone.

Sheesham Indian furniture is a twisty grained hardwood.

It is grown in India where  conditions are warm and wet.

It is different from European woods like pine for example.

It is not in its natural enviroment when it arrives in the U.K.

When it comes in, it comes wrapped in several layers of cardboard plastic and bubble wrap.

This is not only to protect it in transit, but to keep it warm.

Particularly  in winter it arrives into our cold climate,it has come from warmer Indian climates.

Once unpacked the wood can crack and splinter.

So either my suppliers in the U.K.or we, may have to repair by glueing ,filling, waxing or wood staining to make it presentable.

We try to do this before we deliver to you,after all you dont need the hassle.

Sometimes when we deliver, we may need to check the furniture to check what has been done, and whether it is still o.k.

We are not being dodgy just careful.

We are trying to solve any problems before they arise.

We provide tips and after care  advise on how to look after your furniture.

We want you to enjoy your furniture, we dont want you to regret buying our furniture.

We would rather you tell us of any problems, we can usually advise you of the necessary remedies it really is not that difficult to repair.

We would rather you be happy with your furniture, we then may get another order off you!

Sheesham Indian and Mexican /rustic furniture the appearance can be altered using wood dyes and waxes.

We have, the appropriate waxes and stains and tools, wire wool,sanding papers etc...to do all this..

and the skills.

We can darken a brown sheesham or acacian wood furniture item quite easily.

Or lighten a dark one to a certain extent.

Certain furniture can be altered, you need to call or e.mail us in order to find out more.

You may find differences in wood grain appearance,this is a natural effect created during the maturing process.

As the tree grows ,the older sections in the tree develop thicker,clearer grain patterns.

Your furniture may be made from several cuttings of the same tree,creating the contrast of markings.

Care Instructions

As the surface has a natural wax finish great care should be taken to aviod any liquid being spilt onto the surface as this may mark the furniture.

Any spills should be wiped away immediately using a dry cloth and the surface re-waxed as required. 

Always use protective coasters or mats .

Do not place cups,glasses or hot items directly onto the surface as this can cause permanent damage.

Avoid exposing the furniture to excessive heat or direct sunlight as this can cause cracking and discolouration and occasional warping of  the timber.

Do not use silicone based aerosol polish as this will remove the natural wax.

Never use a damp cloth as this may also remove part of the wax coating.

For everyday care,wipe with a dry cloth or duster.

To achieve a premium finish,regularly apply a natural beeswax polish,using a dry cloth and buff up ensuring any excess wax is removed. 

The final finishing process involves a colour stain and laquer being applied.

Followed by several coats of natural wax to enhance the wood grain.

You may find that parts of the packaging may leave impressions in the soft wax.

This can be simply remedied by polishing out with a soft cloth once your furniture has warmed to room temperature.          


Any questions or queries pls dont hesitate to contact us any time, either by e mail or telephone.

Tel.07505 487029 or e mail atpine1@yahoo.co.uk

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