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       Furniture Ranges

 Dakota dark mango range  (72)
Light Dakota mango range  (82)
 Cube sheesham range  (52)
 Cuba sheesham range  (45)
Dark jali thakat range  (63)
Light jali thakat range  (66)

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Mon - Fri: 09:00 - 21:00
Sat: 09:00 - 21:00
Sun: 09:00 - 16 :00 

Unit 1,
West Bank Terminal,
Wherstead Rd,

Pls note we dont have a shop,above address is our warehouse only. 


07505 487029


 bedroom 1 ...

 Mango dark, Dakota 3 drawers bedside

 Slate acacia, 3 drawers bedside

 Sheehsam mid brown...bow chests

 Ganga mid brown sheesham...bedside, Ganga lattice bedside, Cube bedside, Ganga 3 drawers bedside, Ganga 3 drawers bedside

 Jaipur Cube mid brown sheesham...oval chest, sheesham light brown, Raj 5 drawers chest, 1 drawer bedside, Raj bedside, jali iron, Jali bedside 

 Keenpine waxed...Victorian wardrobe, chests of drawers, bedside, chest with mirror,cheval mirror, dressing table mirrors, Philly bedsides, Philly bed, Philly chest with mirror, Philly chest of drawers, Philly wardrobes, Philly blanket boxes, Gothic bed, Gothic bedsides, Gothic multi chests, Gothic blanket boxes, Gothic wardrobe

 bedroom 2 ...

 Cuba mid brown sheesham...blanket box, bedside chest, chest of drawers, narrow chest of drawers

 Rough Sawn pine... beds , multi chests, narrow chests, bedsides, blanket box, wardrobe, mirrors, dressing table


 Cube mid brown sheesham...4 hole vertical cube, 3 hole vertical cube, 2 hole vertical cube, 1 hole cube, 2 drawers open back bookcase  

 Sheesham mid brown...Makrana large bookcase, Makrana small bookcase

 Acacia light brown...Emily large bookcase, Emily medium bookcase, Sahara large bookcase, Sahara medium bookcase

 Cuba sheesham... small multishelf, 3 hole vertical cube, 2 hole vertical cube, 1 hole cube, 4 hole cube cube, open bookshelf, slim jim 1 drawer bookcase

 Dakota dark mango...3 drawers bookcase, open bookcase, 3 drawers low bookcase, 4 hole vertical, 3 hole vertical , 2 hole vertical, 1 hole cube  

 Dakota light mango...3 drawers low bookcase, 1 hole cube, 2 hole cube, 3 drawers cube, 4 holed cube

 Jali light brown...Ring jali almirah, 2 drawers bookcase

 Lisbon dark brown acacia...2 drawers small bookcase, 2 drawers large bookcase, industrial metal frame

 Slate acacia...2 door display unit

 Ganga sheesham...small bookcase, ring jali large, ring jali medium, ring jali small, jali cross bookshelf, glass display cabinet, glass solid display unit, single door glass unit, double door glass unit  

 Indian art...tall bookcase, small bookcase

 Yoga dark mango...6 hole display, 4 drawers geometric display, 7 holes open back display, 6 hole display, 6 hole slope display, 5 hole display, 5 hole slope display, 5 holes geometric display, 2 drawers narrow geometric display, 1 hole, 2 hole slope display, 3 hole slope display, 2 drawers slope display, modus display, 4 hole slope display    

 Yoga light mango...4 drawers geometric display, 6 hole slope display, 7 holes display, 5 hole display, 5 hole slope display, 2 drawers geometric slim display, 2 drawers slope display, modus display

 Jaipur Cube...3 drawers open bookcase

 Cube sheesham...1 drawer slim jim bookcase, round open back bookcase, geometric open bookcase

 Jali block sheesham...tall bookcase, medium bookcase, small bookcase, set of 3 jali block bookcases, jali block light bookcase 

 Metro acacia light brown...large bookcase, small bookcase

 Cube petite mango... 1 drawer narrow bookcase, geometric display unit

 Rough Sawn pine...large bookcase, large bookcase with doors

 dining sets 1

 Sheesham mid brown...Makrana 90 x90 table, 1.35 table, 1.75 table, Makrana chairs

 Jali light brown...1.2 table, 2.0 table, jali chairs, 1.75 table, 1.35 table, 0.90 square table, 1.0 round solid sided / wood, 1.0 round side / jali iron table

 Ganga mid brown...0.80 square table, 1.75 table, 2.00 table, 1.35 table, slat back chairs, 0.80 square bar table 

 Jaipur acacia...1.50 table, jali back chairs, slat back chairs

 Cube...taj pu chairs, ivory, brown  

 dining sets 2

 Light brown acacia...Emily extendable table, Sahara dining set

 Dark brown acacia...Martello dining set

 Mid brown acacia...Monaco dining set 

 Dakota light brown mango... 1.75 table, Dakota leather seat slat chairs, Dakota benches,  1.45 table, Dakota slat back chair, 1.20 table, 0.90 square table

 Dakota dark brown mango...Dakota slat back chairs, 0.90 square table,  1.45 table, 1.75 table, Dakota benches 

 Cuba leather dining chairs, black , brown , ivory, burgunday 

 Cuba mid brown sheesham...1.75 table, 1.35 table, 90x90 square table    

 Jaipur Cube mid brown sheesham... 1.75 table, slat back chairs, 1.60 table, benches, 1.20 table 

 Metro light brown acacia...2.0 table, cushioned chairs, 1.50 benche, 1.40 table

 Dakota Indian Hub dark brown mango...1.80 table, slat back chairs, 1.20 table

 Indian art acacia... 1.60 table, dining chairs, 1.80 table

 jali other

 Ganga mid brown sheesham... buddah bar unit, Ganga nagin small bar unit, Ganga iron magazine rack, Ganga shelves

 Cuba mid brown sheesham...cuba 1 hole, cuba 3 hole vertical, cuba 2 hole vertical, cuba 4 hole shelving unit, cuba small multishelf  

 Cube mid brown sheesham...Cube 4 hole, Cube 3 hole, Cube 2 hole, Cube 1 hole, Cube Z shape, Cube E shape

 Dakota light mango...Dakota 6 shape, 1 hole unit, 2 hole unit, 3 hole unit, 4 hole unit, Dakota light E shape, Dakota double E shape, Dakota S shape,Dakota double S shape, Dakota light 1 plus 1 unit, Dakota light 2 plus 1 unit, Dakota light 4 hole display unit, Dakota light 5 hole display unit, Dakota 6 hole display unit, Dakota light 7 hole display unit, Dakota light 9 hole display unit

 Jaipur Cube mid brown...Jaipur cushioned bench, Jaipur solid bench, Jaipur cube magazine rack, Jaipur cube basket

 Dakota dark mango...Dakota S shape, Dakota dark E shape, Dakota dark 2 hole vertical, Dakota 3 hole vertical, Dakota 4 hole vertical, Dakota 1 hole, Dakota dark 6 shape, Dakota double E shape, Dakota double S shape, Dakota 1 plus 1 unit, Dakota 2 plus 1 unit, Dakota dark 3 hole display unit, Dakota 4 hole display unit shelf, Dakota dark 5 hole display unit, Dakota dark 6 hole display unit, Dakota dark 7 hole display unit, Dakota 9 hole display unit  

 Rough Sawn gun cupboard, rough sawn gun cupboard

 Jali light brown sheesham...jali magazine rack, jali light magazine rack

 lamp tables

 Ganga mid brown sheesham...Ganga 1 drawer telephone table, Ganga tall plant table, Ganga bahkra lamp table, Ganga 1 drawer telephone table

 Jaipur Cube 45x45 lamp table, Jaipur cube end table, Jaipur cube telephone table, Jaipur round plant table, Jaipur target table, Jaipur taper table set, Jaipur wine table

 Light brown jali...jali lamp table, jali small opium table, jali opium side table

 Dakota dark mango...Dakota dark H table, Dakota dark lamp tables

 Dark acacia...Carnival dark lamp table, Martello lamp table

 Mid brown acacia...Carnival mid brown lamp table, Monaco lamp table

 Dark brown acacia...Emily dark sand lamp table

 Jaipur mid brown acacia...Jaipur Deco lamp table, Jaipur lamp table

 Metro light brown acacia...Metro light acacia end table

 Stone sheesham mid brown...metro sidetable

 Dakota light mango, Dakota light lamp tables

 Light brown acacia...Sahara lamp table

 Slate acacia...Slate lamp table


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light brown

light brown

Jali wine rack 

  • Jali small bottle rack of sheesham wood 
  • Jali wine rack holds up to 9 bottles
  • light brown natural shesham waxed finish  
  • jali capsule ironwork on sides
  • raised on legs wooden sheesham racking    
  • light brown sheesham hardwood throughout
  • available in light , mid, or dark brown waxed finish    
  • tub of wax included in price
  • height 71 cms width 56 cms depth 29 cms
  • code.indsh33  



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mid brown distressed

mid brown distressed    

Coastal reclaimed wood wine cabinet 

  • sheesham wine cabinet 
  • reclaimed wooden sheesham wine cabinet 
  • reclaimed rounded wooden wine cabinet 
  • of reclaimed sheesham hardwood    
  • sheesham round wine rack in mid distressed finish
  • from the Coastal reclaimed wooden range 
  • round barrel design mounted on sturdy support from reclaimed hardwood
  • tub of wax included in price
  • height 60 cms width 90 cms depth 31 cms
  • code.indihcs07  



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mid brown distressed

mid brown distressed

mid brown distressed    

Coastal reclaimed wood small sideboard 

  • sheesham small sideboard with 2 drawers above cupboard space wine rack with left side cupboard 
  • Coastal reclaimed wine sideboard 
  • reclaimed Coastal small sideboard sheesham 2 drawers wooden wine sideboard 
  • sheesham small wooden sideboard 
  • round black iron handles on wooden door and drawers 
  • reclaimed wooden and ironwork 
  • raised on solid plinth
  • mid brown distressed finish 
  • Coastal reclamed range an authentic indian range made from solid sheesham indian hardwood
  • tub of wax included in price
  • height 90 cms width 90 cms depth 40 cms
  • code.indihcs05  



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 Sheesham mid brown...Makrana large and small sideboards, Makrana mini sideboard

 Ganga mid brown sheesham, Ganga 3 door sideboard, Ganga 2 door sideboard, Ganga small 2 door sideboard, Ganga 2 door 4 drawer sideboard  

 Cube mid brown sheesham...Cube 3 door sideboard, Cube 2 door sideboard, Cube Petite sideboard

 Jaipur Cube mid brown...Jaipur Cube medium sideboard, Jaipur Cube small sideboard

 Light brown jali sheehsam ...Jali 2 door sideboard with glass top canopy, jali dresser, Jali vitrine, Jali 3 door sideboard, Jali 4 door sideboard, Jali 2 door sideboard, Jali sheesham 1 door sideboard, Jali hall sideboard, Jali medium sideboard

 Indiart acacia...Indiart 3 drawer 1 door sideboard, Indiart sideboard 3 drawer 2 door

 Rough Sawn pine...Rough Sawn small sideboard, Rough Sawn 2 door cupboard, Rough Sawn large sideboard

 Cuba mid brown sheesham, Cuba small dresser, Cuba small sideboard, Cuba large sideboard

 Dakota dark mango...Dark mango 2 door sideboard, Dakota 3 drawer 1 door sideboard, Dakota 2 door sideboard, Dakota 3 drawers sideboard, Dakota mango sideboard, Dakota 3 door 3 drawe sideboard

 Dakota light mango...Dakota 2 door sideboard, Dakota 2 draw 2 door sideboard, Dakota light mango sideboard

 Dark brown acacia...brushed dark sand Emily large sideboard, Emily sideboard small, Martello sideboard

 Jaipur mid brown acacia...Jaipur Deco sideboard, Jaipur acacia sideboard

 Mid brown acacia...Monaco sideboard

 Light brown acacia...Sahara sideboard large, Sahara sideboard small

 Slate acacia...Slate acacia sideboard

 Metro acacia...Metro 2 and 3 door sideboards

 Lisbon acacia...Lisbon 2 drawer sideboard

 hall tables 

 Ganga mid brown sheesham...Ganga small console table, Ganga half round console table, small console table, Ganga 3 drawers console table, Ganga 2 drawers console table, Ganga large console table, Ganga small console table

 Sheesham mid brown sheesham...Makrana console table  

 Jali light brown...Jali consul, jali console sheesham wood, jali half round consul table, jali bow half round table, jali console table 3 drawer

 Cuba mid brown sheesham...Cuba console table

 Dakota light mango...Dakota light mini console table 2 table , Dakota console 2 drawer, Dakota console table light, Azara console table 1 drawer

 Dakota dark mango...Dakota dark mini console 2 drawers, Dakota small console table, Dakota dark console table with shelf, Dakota console 2 drawer, Dakota console table dark, Azara console table 1 drawer 

 Rough Sawn pine...rough sawn 2 drawers console table

 Metro acacia...Metro console table

 Light brown acacia...Carnival console table, Sahara console table

 Dark brown acacia...Carnival console table, Emily dark sand brushed console table 2 drawers  

 Lisbon acacia...Lisbon 3 drawers console table, Cast Iron wheel console table, Industrial console table, Industrial trolley console table, Lisbon book console table 

 hi fi units

 Light brown jali...jali tall hi fi unit, jali mid hi fi unit,

 Ganga mid brown sheesham...Ganga hi fi unit, Ganga jali midi hi fi unit

 Cuba mid brown sheesham...Cuba multi media unit,

 Dakota dark mango...Dakota E shape, Dakota S shape

 wine racks

 Light brown jali...Jali wine rack, Jali 3 drawers wine rack

 nests of tables

 Sheesham mid brown...Makrana nest of 3 tables

 Light brown acacia...Carnival nest of 2 tables, Sahara nest of 2 tables, mitre nest of tables

 Dark brown acacia...Emily nest of tables

 Jaipur mid brown acacia...Jaipur nest of tables

 Cuba mid brown sheesham...Cuba cube nest, Cuba nest of 3 tables, Cuba long john nest of tables

 Jaipur Cube mid brown sheesham...Jaipur stool set of 3 tables

 Stone sheesham nest of tables

 Slate acacia...Slate nest of tables, Slate light nest of tables, Slate dark nest of tables

 Jali light brown sheesham...jali nest of tables, jali nest of stools

 Cube mid brown sheesham...Cube lounge nest of tables, Cube nest of tables, Cube nest of 2 tables

 Indiart nest of 2 tables

 Dakota dark mango...Dakota dark long john cube nest of tables, Dakota dark long john nest of tables, Dakota extra long john nest of tables, Dakota dark cube nest, Dakota dark nest of stools, Dakota lamp table set of 2

 Yoga dark mango...Yoga slope nest of 2 pcs

 Yoga light mango...Yoga slope nest of 2 pcs

 Dakota light mango...Dakota light lamp table set of 2

 cd / dvd racks

 Sheesham mid brown...Makrana cd tower

 Jali light brown sheesham...Jali pyramid chest, Jali step chest, jali double cd tower, jali light small, medium , large cd tower

 Ganga mid brown sheesham...Ganga 3 drawers cd chest, jali cd tower, jali small cd chest, jali medium cd step, jali large step cd chest unit, jali step cabinets

 Cuba mid brown sheesham...Cuba almirah cd cabinet

 Cube mid brown sheesham...Cube cd tower

 Dakota dark mango...Dakota dark cd towers, Dakota dark dvd towers

 Dakota light mango...Dakota light cd towers, Dakota light dvd towers

 blanket boxes

 Jali light brown...long trunk coffee table, medium trunk coffee table, jali square coffee trunk, jali blanket box set of 3, jali trunk box set of 3

 Ganga mid brown sheesham...Ganga panel box, Ganga 4 drawer box coffee table, Ganga bear box, Ganga 6 drawers blanket box, Ganga plus box set of 3, Ganga long trunk set of 2 set

 Keenpine...Gothic 2 drawers blanket box, Philly blanket box

 Dakota light mango...Dakota light large blanket box, Dakota light small blanket box

 Cuba mid brown sheesham, Cuba blanket box

 Dakota dark mango...Dakota large dark blanket box, Dakota dark small blanket box

 chests of drawers

 Ganga mid brown sheesham...Ganga 6 drawer half round bowl, Ganga 5 drawer chest, Ganga 5 drawers cylinder chest, Ganga 4 drawers cylinder chest, Ganga 3 drawers cylinder chest, Ganga 9 drawer chest, Ramgarth small chest, Ramgarth 14 drawers chest, Ramgarth 12 drawers chest  

 Jali light brown...5 drawers cylinder chest, 4 drawers cylinder chest, 3 drawers cylinder chest, jali 5 drawer bow chest, jali pyramid chest, jali trinket chest, jali 14 drawer multi chest of drawers

 Jaipur Cube mid brown sheesham...Jaipur shishima 2 drawer cabinet

 Slate acacia...Slate 4 drawers chest of drawers

  Indiart acacia...Indiart 3 drawers cylinder chest, Indiart 5 drawers drum chest

 Dakota dark mango...Dakota 5 drawers narrow chest

 Dakota light mango...Dakota 5 drawers narrow chest,

 Lisbon acacia...Lisbon oval chest, Lisbon 5 drawers chest


 Cube 5ft king size bed, Cube 4ft 6 inch double bed,

 Keenpine...Gothic 5 ft king size bed, Philly 5 ft king size bed, Victorian 5 ft king size bed

 rustic pine living room

 Rough Sawn pine...straight tv unit, rough sawn corner tv unit, rough sawn wide tv unit, rough sawn large sideboard, rough sawn small sideboard, rough sawn 2 door cupboard, rough sawn 2 drawer console table, rough sawn plank table, rough sawn chair high back, rough sawn table and chairs, rough sawn blanket box, rough sawn gun cupboard, Rough Sawn coffee table with shelf, rough sawn coffee table, rough sawn lamp table, rough sawn mirror, rough sawn mini gun cupboard, rough sawn stool, rough sawn nest of tables, rough sawn twin pedestal desk, rough sawn multi chest of drawers


For a delivery quote click on Britainmap

Britainmap delivery quotes based on 1 item delivered from Ipswich.

However haulage discounts apply when 2 or more items are purchased. The more you order the greater the discount.


light brown

light brown

light brown

Jali wine rack 

  • Jali collection wine rack of sheesham wood 
  • Jali wine rack holds up to 24 bottles
  • Jali iron bottle rack cabinet with 3 drawers 
  • light brown natural shesham waxed finish   
  • 3 drawers with black iron round handles 
  • jali ironwork detail on front of unit  
  • raised on solid plinth with wooden racking    
  • light brown sheesham hardwood throughout
  • available in light or mid brown waxed finish    
  • tub of wax included in price
  • height 86 cms width 90 cms depth 30 cms
  • code.indms1380  



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mid brown

Jali wine rack 

  • Jali collection wine rack of sheesham wood 
  • Jali wine rack holds up to 24 bottles
  • Jali iron bottle rack cabinet with 3 drawers 
  • mid brown  shesham waxed finish   
  • 3 drawers with black iron round handles 
  • jali ironwork detail on front of unit  
  • raised on solid plinth with wooden racking 
  • available in mid  or dark brown waxed finish
  • tub of wax included in price
  • height 86ms width 90ms depth 30ms
  • code.wood3drwsindwinerack



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Indian Sheesham  Furniture ranges

jali dining sets 

Indian sheesham jali coffeetables

Indian sheesham jali t.v./hifi furniture

Indian sheesham jali sideboards

Indian sheesham console hall tables

Indian sheesham jali c.d.cabinets 

Indian sheesham blanket boxes 

Indian sheesham jali corner units

Indian sheesham mirrors 

Indian sheesham hi fi dvd units

Indian sheesham wine racks 

Indian sheesham nests of tables

Indian sheesham lamp tables

Indian sheesham chests of drawers

India sheesham jali bookcases

Indian  sheesham jali dining sets 2 

Indian bedroom furniture

Indian bedroom furniture 2

Indian sheesham telephone /screens

Care Instructions

As the surface has a natural wax finish  great care should be taken to aviod  any liquid being spilt onto the surface as this may mark the furniture.

Any spills should be wiped away  immediately using a dry cloth

and the surface re-waxed as required. Always use protective coasters or mats Do not place cups,glasses or hot items  directly onto the surface as this can  cause permanent damage.

Avoid exposing the furniture to  excessive heat or direct sunlight as this can cause cracking and discolouration and occasional warping of  the timber.

Do not use silicone based aerosol polish  as this will remove the natural wax.

Never use a damp cloth as this may also remove part of the wax coating.

For everyday care,wipe with a dry cloth or duster.To achieve a premium finish,

regularly apply a natural beeswax polish,using a dry cloth and buff up  ensuring any wax is removed. 

The final finishing process involves a colour stain and laquer being applied.Followed by several coats of natural wax to enhance the wood grain.

You may find that parts of the packaging  may leave impressions in the soft wax.These can be simply remedied by polishing  out with a soft cloth once your furniture  has warmed to room temperature.          

Condition of rustic/ethnic furniture

By the nature of imported ethnic/rustic furniture can vary in colour/tone.

Sheesham furniture is a twisty grained hardwood.It is grown in India where conditions are warm and wet.It is quite different from European woods, like pine for example.When it arrives in the UK, it has already been wrapped in several layers of cardboard,plastic and bubble wrap.This is not only to protect it in transit, but to keep it warm,in order to protect it from our cold winter climate because it has come from a warmer Indian climate.

Once unpacked out of the shipping container, the wood can crack and splinter.So either, our suppliers in the U.K.or we may have to repair it, by glueing ,filling, waxing, or wood staining to make it presentable.

We try to do this before we deliver to you,after all you dont need the hassle.We do try to check that all is ok before we deliver.But sometimes when we deliver, we may need to do a final check to see if the furniture is still ok.We do this because we are trying to solve any problems before they arise.

We provide tips and after care,advise on how to look after your furniture.We want you to enjoy your furniture, we dont want you to regret buying our furniture.We would rather you tell us of any problems, we can usually advise you of the necessary remedies.It really is not that difficult to repair the furniture yourself once you know how to.

The appearance of sheesham Indian, mango fruitwood,acacia,rustic furniture.can be altered by using wood dyes and waxes.We have the waxes,stains,tools ,wire wool,sanding papers to do all this...and the skills.We can darken a light brown piece of sheesham or acacian wood furniture quite easily.Or lighten a dark one to a certain extent.

Certain furniture can be altered, you need to call or e.mail us, in order to find out more.

You may find differences in the wood grain appearance,this is a natural effect created during the maturing process.As the tree grows ,the older sections in the tree develop thicker,clearer grain patterns.Your furniture may be made from several cuttings of the same tree,creating the contrast of markings.

 tv units

 Cuba mid brown sheesham...straight t.v., open media unit, plasma tv unit

 Sheesham mid brown...Makrana plasma tv, Makrana corner tv  

 Jali light brown...flat tv, jali corner tv cabinet, jali corner tv cabinet

 Jali mid brown...jali badroon t.v.

 Dakota dark brown mango...wide plasma t.v., Dakota plasma, Dakota 2 draws plasma t.v., Dakota media unit, Dakota plazma with hidden drawer, 4 drawers corner tv, 4 drawers plazma tv , Dakota plus corner tv, Dakota tv unit 4 drawer, plazma tv unit 4 drawer   

 Jaipur Cube...Jaipur plazma, Jaipur small plazma, Jaipur large plazma, Jaipur majestic plazma, Jaipur small plazma, 4 drawers plazma, half round bowl, java plazma tv, Cube tv unit, Cube 2 doors tv, Cube open tv unit with shelf

 Ganga sheesham mid brown...Ganga plazma with door, Ganga plazma 8 drawers, plazma tv unit, widescreen plazma unit, plazma 5 drawer, plazma tv stand, tv unit 6 drawer, 3 drawer plazma with drawer, small tv unit  

 Stone sheesham...plasma t.v., corner t.v.unit 

 Yoga light brown mango...slope plazma t.v., large plazma, straight mango t.v., Yoga slope corner tv    

 Yoga dark brown mango...slope plazma t.v., large plazma, straight mango t.v., Yoga slope corner tv  

 Lisbon acacia...drawers plazma unit

 Slate acacia t.v.

 Indian art acacia...t.v.unit 4 drawers, plazma 4 drawers

 Dakota light mango...plazma 4 drawer tv, Dakota plus corner tv, Dakota open plazma tv, Dakota tv unit 4 drawer, Dakota plazma tv 4 drawer

 Rough cabinet, corner tv, Rough Sawn wide tv     

 Cube mid brown sheesham...corner t.v., Cube entertainment centre unit, Cube corner tv cabinet, Cube geometric straight tv unit, Cube plasma tv cabinet   

 Light brown acacia...Emily tv cabinet 4 drawers, Sahara tv cabinet 4 drawers  

 Jaipur acacia...Jaipur tv unit 1 shelf, Jaipur tv cabinet 2 drawers, Jaipur Deco tv cabinet 

 Dark brown acacia...Martello tv cabinet 

 Mid brown acacia...Monaco tv cabinet

 Metro acacia...plasma tv cabinet 2 drawers, Metro 3 shelf plasma tv , Metro 2 door 1 drawer plasma media unit  

 Cube petit mango...t.v./ coffee table, Cube petit mango corner tv cabinet, Cube petit mango straight tv cabinet   

 coffee tables

 Sheesham mid brown...Makrana large and small coffee tables, opium large and small coffee tables, thakat oblong 110 cms coffee table

 Jaipur mid brown acacia...Jaipur deco coffee table, Jaipur coffee table traditional, Jaipur contemporary coffee table

 mid brown acacia...Martello coffee table, Monaco coffee table

 light brown acacia...Sahara coffee table, Carnival oblong coffee table  

 Cube mid brown sheesham... Cube 3 drawer coffee table, cube 60x60 coffee table, Cube oblong 110 cms coffee table, Cube contemporary coffee table

 Jaipur Cube mid brown sheesham...Jaipur Cube 3 drawer coffee table, Jaipur 12 drawer coffee table, Jaipur 9 drawer coffee table  

 Jali sheesham light brown...thakat coffee tables, Jali 60x60 square coffee table, sheesham large and small opium coffee tables, Jali tray table

 Dark brown acacia...Carnival oblong coffee table, Emily dark sand coffee table

 Cuba mid brown sheesham...Cuba oblong coffee table, cuba 4 drawer coffee trunk table, cuba contemporary coffee table, cuba block coffee table

 Indian Art acacia...4 drawer cabinet 

 Ganga sheesham mid brown...Spanish glass top square coffee table, Ganga 90x60 cms coffee table

 Dakota light brown mango...Dakota 8 drawer coffee table, Dakota coffee table with shel,

 Dakota dark mango...Dakota 8 drawers coffee table, Dakota coffee table with shelf, Dakota large coffee table

 Yoga light brown mango...Yogo coffee table with shelf

 Yoga dark mango...Yoga coffee table with shelf

 Slate light brown acacia...Slate coffee table

 Lisbon acacia...Lisbon cart coffee table, Lisbon square cart coffee table 

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